Fitness Advice: Fact Or Fiction?

America is a weight-obsessed society. People are preoccupied with the subject of weight. Most of us are trying to lose it while others are trying to gain it (a relatively small number) and others are trying to build muscle. When

Women Are Better Than Men When It Concerns Money

You always hear men complaining about how women can never get their finances sorted or finance is not the women’s domain. But next time you hear a guy giving out such statements, walk to them and clarify that this is

How Your Diet Can Cause Unwanted Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s reaction to healing. When you get a paper cut, your white blood cells rush to the cut site, stop the bleeding, begin the process of healing, and make a quick exit. This is known as acute

8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobile Phone

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives today helping us in different endeavors like communicating, taking pictures, web browsing etc. Therefore the decision to buy a smartphone at these times becomes an endearing task. The availability of a wide