8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobile Phone

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives today helping us in different endeavors like communicating, taking pictures, web browsing etc. Therefore the decision to buy a smartphone at these times becomes an endearing task. The availability of a wide variety of options adds more the confusion than anything else. Buying the latest phone can sometimes feel like the right thing to do but being a smart buyer is all about making the right choices. In this post we look at 8 things to consider before buying yourself a smartphone:

1. Budget:
The first and foremost thing to do before getting a smartphone is to consider your budget. Now your budget will decide if you should get a high end, mid-level or a lower range mobile phone. Yes, of course, high-end phones will come with a better host of features but this doesn’t mean that mid-level or lower range phones won’t do the job for you either.

2. Android or IOS:
This is the biggest dilemma amongst smartphone users today. IOS is any given day, easy to use but Android provides more choices. If you are looking for something that’s easy to use and want the hottest apps and timely updates, the iPhone is a better option. If you are looking for affordability and better hardware choices then Android is a better option.

3. Screen Size:
Your mobile screen size can make all the difference in your daily affairs. If you are someone using your phone for office purpose or simply communicating, then a phone with a 5.5-inch screen will also suffice. If you are a music buff, watch a lot of videos and are fond of playing games, opt for a phone with a bigger screen as it will certainly help enhance your experience.

4. Camera:
A camera has become an important part of phones today. Mobile companies now are regularly coming up with better camera options. Pay special attention to things like aperture and features like optical image stabilization and dual lenses. These are more important things to consider than the megapixels itself.

5. Storage:
Opt for phones with a better storage function. Today, any normal smartphone is 16 Gb variants. While this is great for storing a few things but you are bound to run short on space if you are using different apps, storing videos or playing high-end games. While micro sd cards are available for storage, a phone with a larger space like a 32 GB variant will help you store more photos, games, and apps.

6. Battery life:
Another important feature that you should be on the lookout for is the battery life of the phone. The lower the battery capacity, the faster it will die out. The last thing you want is a dying phone which you are never able to use properly. Opt for phones which have a capacity of withstanding 12 hours and more.

7. Network:
While the majority of phones work on a GSM network band, some phones still use CDMA network band. Look out for options that accept both network bands especially if you are a person who travels a lot.

8. Phone RAM:
An often overlooked feature is a phone RAM. A good RAM capability is critical for multitasking. Avoid phones that have less than 1 GB of system memory. Look for phones with a minimum capacity of 2 GB and more. Mobile companies are now offering even 6GB RAM variant phones to customers today.

Buying a phone doesn’t have to be a difficult task and we hope that the above points can help ease things for you and help you with decision making. Happy hunting.

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